Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum review

Unlike much other shopping you do, if you’re looking up for a robot vaccine cleaner, then it must be a real need for you. Boosting the use of machinery has made life more comfortable and a little bit busier too. We have more tasks to complete when chores get neglected. And a robot vacuum cleaner at least do one of the duties for you, making life quite easier. These vacuum cleaners become essential if you have a pet who sheds hair often because you can’t be dusting or mopping every other hour. 

Among so many robot vacuum cleaners available in the market, we’ve got our eyes on Roborock. This is not a very known or famous brand. Still, we’ve concluded that if Roborock maintains to release automated cleaners as accomplished and fully accentuated as their product Roborock S6, and improve their software game, they will soon get recognized enough. 

The Roborock S6 shows off its fantastic suction potential, very efficient laser-guided navigation, and full company-provided features and significant home mapping dexterities. Considering its number of features and abilities, it costs less than its competitors in the market.

Features of the Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

To look at the Roborock S6 a bit in more detail, we will list some of its specifications. 


Roborock is just an advanced and preferable version of its parent product Roborock S5, which is why it has almost the same design as of it. It’s circular with two centrally positioned essential wheels.


There’s an externally mounted on top of the S6 sensor device, which has a total of 14 lasers and allows the cleaner to move around the house error-free and map the complete environment.


The back portion of roborock has ample space for tools to clean the filter and a removable bin that can store up to 480ml of dirt. This product is entirely automatic and usable.


It doesn’t just suck up the dirt and dust, but it has brushes mounted under it in the central portion between the two main wheels. This brush ensures a thorough clean by picking up the tiniest particles as well. 


It has an adjustable and replaceable clip-on plastic base on which the S6 sits on. This gives you a carefree charging experience as you don’t have to keep it away from a damp or moist surface to prevent electrocution.


The Roborock S6 is provided along with a charging dock, some filters, mop fabrics, top-access dustbin, and rest of the essentials. 

It not only has these usual accessories provided like a charging dock and usual vacuum features, but it also gives you a mat that is connected to the dock and prevents the flood from getting wet. 


  • Inexpensive and affordable 
  • Efficient house mapping and navigation
  • Full kit of all accessories


  • Mainstream smart home app
  • Inelegant mapping software
  • Mopping features are not too advanced

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

  • Adaptive Routing
  • Selective Room Cleaning
  • Multi-Floor Mapping
  • Super Strong Suction
  • APP Alexa Voice Control


Being inexpensive and affordable, along with all the required features, it manages to bag the title of being the best-value vacuum cleaner in the market. There may be some better and refined vacuum cleaner, but with an increased price so this one maintains to be the best in its price.

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