DEENKEE DK600 Robot Vacuum review

In a busy life where both the partners are working and get the least time left for the house, doing chores becomes the secondary priority until that starts bothering you. You can easily save that time for your personal life and get this floor vacuuming job done by a robot. 

The word robot sounds expensive, but these robot vacuum cleaners are not expensive, and they can save up so much of your time with just some amount of money. You no longer have to look up at robot vacuum cleaners as a luxury item or something that you can not afford because they’ve become much more affordable because of increasing competition in the market. There are numerous robot vacuums in the market, and we have picked up the one we will discuss in this blog.

We’ve selected The DEENKEE as the robot which we’re going to discuss. DENKEE DK600 is the product that doesn’t need much of your assistance while working. This product cleans the house and returns to the charging dock once it’s done. 

Features of the DEENKEE DK600 Robot Vacuum

Below are some highlights of the DEENKEE DK600 robot vacuum:


It works with a rechargeable battery and comes with a docking or charging station. Vacuum moves back to the charging dock as soon as it charges out. It’s run time is 100, which is enough for one-time cleaning and returning.


it has a shallow height, and this factor makes it easy for it to move underneath any furniture to clean up. It has a diameter of 12.4 inches. It weighs around 8.8 lbs.


It has four brushes on each side, and also it has two HEPA filters, which will allow its performance to level up. It has a bag for dust collection, and it can take up to 6 L of dust(20 fluid oz.). It has a sensor technology to prevent bumping into walls.


This product has a maximum suction power of around 1500P because of the strong battery. It’s better is DC 14.4V Li-ion and has a current supply of 2600mAh. This battery can take 5-6hrs to recharge. 


To provide some more ease, this device has a remote control for the cleaning schedule by your mobile app. This also comes with an owner’s manual, which helps in using it for the first time.


  • This vacuum has a wide range of features and multiple cleaning modes
  • Very much affordable and not pricey.
  • Very efficient while working will leave no dust away. 
  • It has a remote control system to control it from away. 


  • You can’t stop the vacuum from going to the protected zones because it has no barrier sense. 
  • Smartphone apps and Alexa can not control it.

DEENKEE DK600 Robot Vacuum

  • 2.8 inch Super-Thin
  • 1500Pa High Suction
  • Self-Charging
  • For Pet Hair,Hard Floor,Carpet
  • Timing Function


Along with considering its price, this vacuum can be called the best and impressive choice. It doesn’t matter much if it doesn’t have an app control because it works mostly when you’re at home with it, and you can control it by pulling it up and stopping it from snagging A cord does. 

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