Bissell Ev675 Robot Vacuum review

In today’s market, Robot vacuums are getting all the attention and hype, and you know the rage is legit and why not!? Among many chores, vacuuming stands to be one of the most loathing chores, and you will feel no guilt of procrastination after getting a robot hired for this.

Although it doesn’t do all the chore from cleaning the washroom to dusting your house shelves, at least it cleans the floor you’re about to walk on. We’ve picked The Bissell as the robot vacuum that we are going to discuss. This name is famous for floor cleaning, so you can put your trust in it while doing the job for you. 

EV675 is priced reasonably, and this vacuum is made to be one of the simplest to be operated. It can be very feasible and appealing to those who are not much into tech and prefer basic stuff. EV675 is furthermore a perfect choice for people who live in small homes or apartments and don’t have high-pile carpets.

The EV675 Is very efficient in cleaning hard surfaces like hard floors, area rugs, and carpeting. But you can not expect anything more from this product. Although it might not be the most start vacuum in the sense of tech, this product is not an investment of loss.

Features of the Bissell Ev675 Robot Vacuum

To look at the BISSELL EV675 a bit in more detail, we will list some of its specifications. 

Remote Control

You don’t have to walk to it every time to change its mode or position. This has remote control access and can respond to you from far. It is given with 2 AAA batteries.

Charging dock and battery

It has a Li-ion battery that has a long life demonstrating a run time of about 100 minutes, and it’s charging dock will only take 4-5 hours on charging for the first time, and it takes up least space in its body.

Dustbin and filter

The dustbin is given to be easily cleaned after a specific time of use and has a capacity of 0.4 L. It has two types of filter provided, one of them is pleated, and the other is foam filter. These filters can not be washed, but the dustbin can be rinsed. You can use the cleaning tools provided with it to clean the filter.


It has complete repairing warranty of 1-year 

Edge Clearing Brushes

These brushes are given to provide some improved level of cleaning. This is why EV675 works more efficiently than most of the other cleaners when it comes to clearing edges. 


  • Not pricey 
  • Easy operation
  • Tutorial videos available
  • Auto-adjusting suction
  • remote Control
  • Efficient edge cleaning
  • Auto schedule cleaning times 


  • Can’t be controlled by apps
  • voice controls don’t work
  • Battery run time lesser than claimed
  • No mapping feature.
  • No hurdle detection
  • May miss tiny pet hair.

BISSELL EV675 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Self Charging Dock
  • Schedule cleanings
  • Smart cleaning
  • Low profile design
  • Vacuum Cleaner for pet hair


The BISSELL EV675 is excellent for people living in small homes or apartments, and most importantly, uncluttered rooms because it doesn’t have obstacle detection. It is inexpensive, so it is very affordable. 

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